The (too) Busy Businesswoman

Life is too busy to hunt for updates, so when you subscribe, these get emailed.

I first started on Substack by reading it. I found new people, different topics of interest and inspiration for my day, which helped me keep that balance.

The authors on Substack can help keep me connected to the outside world while still being in my little space. They remind me to get out there more.

I started my own Substack not just as a creative outlet but to make it easier to share what I found inspirational, helpful and useful as a businesswoman.

The (too) Busy Businesswoman is a collection of my thoughts, tips, ideas and product experiences alongside the useful, inspiring, and time-out whimsies from other people and spaces that keep me connected to the real world when I get carried away in being busy.

Through my writing and sharing from other creators, I cover topics such as:

  • Productivity and managing multiple projects

  • Useful tools to run and manage your business

  • Radio show episodes

  • What I’ve learned through running events, radio shows, networking events and coaching businesswomen

  • Inspiration

  • Curbing being over-busy and spinning

  • Keeping joy, perspective and staying motivated

  • Doing your own thing and how to create your personal freedom through business.

These topics are organised on the front page of my Substack, so keep an eye out for these different sections.

There is also a regular ‘round up’ post, emailed out, gathering together what I’ve done and learned in the past few days.

Why Substack is Different

I have a website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - (well, I am a busy businesswoman). I post many of my thoughts, events and product and service updates on these platforms.

Substack is different because it’s a space where I can bring everything together. Not just the stuff I write and post, but I can also share useful information from all over the internet on my Substack. As well as useful content from other Substack authors.

It’s a community you can join as a reader or a creator.

I can post useful content from all over the internet in my Substack Notes; you can find other Substack authors I subscribe to in my Substack recommendations; and, unlike my website, you can also comment and join in with a discussion.

There isn’t an algorithm. If I post content, then you can see it if you choose to. There isn’t an omnipresent algorithm making that decision for you. As a creator, this means freedom. It’s okay to post content that will appeal to only two people and for those two people to be able to read it without the popularity gods getting in between.

Plus, there isn’t any advertising, and creators help pay their bills with paid subscriptions. I have a paid subscription (see below).

You don’t get anything else (apart from the satisfaction of knowing you have put a big smile on my face) for having a paid subscription at only £3.99 a month. I hope you find it affordable, and together, we keep moving forward with productive calm, clarity and freedom through business.

Sian x

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Thoughts from a 60+ radio show host, event organiser, writer, coach and businesswoman on doing her (your) own thing. Business can be exhilarating and the route to personal freedom. Business can also be downright scary. Balance is good.


I'm the Host of The Women In Business Radio Show and run events where women can share their stories and rejuvenate. The (too) Busy Businesswoman shares the things I find useful for doing my own thing - and hope you will as well.